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Working to empower children and reduce e-waste one laptop at a time

 We at Anantek Solutions have launched an innovative recycling programme which seeks to reduce e-waste and help those in countries with limited access to technology. Most recently, students in Uganda have received donated laptops, helping them achieve their dreams through donated technology.


Reducing electronic waste by repurposing laptops

Our belief that the Earth is a beautiful place and that it is worth fighting for is held at the core of our company, we are taking steps to provide a better future for the next generation by reducing their Carbon Footprint. Through the utilisation of green technology and environmentally friendly methods such as reusing and recycling old machines, we are reducing e-waste one device at a time.

E-waste contributes greatly to landfill and may present a problem for future generations – we are working to solve this. By extending the life cycle of used devices, we are able to reduce each device’s carbon footprint and prevent unnecessary waste.

Recently, we have launched a recycling programme for used devices such as laptops. The innovative scheme asks consumers to donate their used devices that would otherwise have been sent to landfill and contribute to e-waste. The laptops are then digitally cleaned and refurbished to a high specification. They are then repurposed through our exciting device donation scheme, where refurbished laptops are donated to those in countries with restricted access to technology.


Empowering children in technology limited countries through donated laptops

The recycling scheme has recently seen success in Uganda, with students receiving a number of donated laptops. In countries such as Uganda with reduces access to devices, providing accessible technology works to drive innovation and empower children, whilst reducing e-waste.

Shanta from the team in Uganda told us how much the donation of laptops had positively impacted students’ lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Hi, we have been following your philanthropic activities on social media. And we want to help you with some used Laptops. Do you know how we can ship them to you?”

I received this message via WhatsApp with so much joy. Ugandan schools have been shut down with no signs of reopening for almost two years. Online learning was the mandate of those who can afford it.  But most of the children live in urban slums, with no laptops or smartphones – let alone paper or pens.

I spoke with some of our community leads who stay within the slums we support. They welcomed the idea of receiving laptops, but none were willing to store the gadgets in their homes. They feared break-ins, and it was unsafe for them and their families.

When I was on a routine visit to one of the clinics I support, I spoke to someone there about my dilemma. They suggested we teach in another venue, which drew keen interest from the community. Initially, twelve girls completed the introduction, learning Microsoft Word and PowerPoint in just six weeks. The girls were also given the opportunity to practice in the clinic whenever they wanted, which they did. Occasionally, when I passed the clinic offices, I would see them working in pairs.

I was left wondering how much these girls can attain if they get continuous guidance and encouragement. Thank you for this amazing initiative and the entire team at Anantek Solutions. Imagine how much hope you have given these girls despite their struggles. We continue mentoring them and help them choose the right careers.”

Testimony from students in Uganda

The donated technology is changing lives today. The following students that have received donated laptops have said how much this technology has helped them in their education.

Shyanitah, Shifah, Sumayiya, Mary (from left to right)

Several students that have received laptops wish to go into the medical sector.

Shyanitah Faith, age 15, believes it is her purpose to serve the people of Uganda by becoming a leader in the Ministry of Health. She emphasises that when she becomes the leader of the Ministry of Health, she wants to make sure that she gets medicine in all ways to reach out to the people who cannot afford it.

Shifah Benaziiri, age 16, wishes to become a cardiologist. Historically, due to the lack of cardiologists in Uganda, patients have been forced to fly abroad to get treatment. Shifah wants to provide a world class service for the people of Uganda, within the country.

Sumayiya Sulaiman, age 18, hopes to become the best fashion designer the world has ever seen. She hopes to establish her fashion brand ‘Insha Allah’ when she has the funds and believes there are many business opportunities in the world of fashion. When she succeeds, Sumayiya wants to empower and inspire other girls in Uganda. By receiving this laptop, Sumayiya is one step closer to her dream.

Furthermore, Mary Lynet, age 15, has dreamt of becoming a radiologist since childhood. She hopes to be able to treat those in her community, including her mother who has bone issues and eventually wishes to run her own hospital. Access to a laptop will help her go on to study further education and get her PhD.


The students in Uganda are ambitious and dream of a better future and all the laptops donated to the children have been prevented from going to landfill. Through this scheme, we are providing better access to education in a digital world and connecting rural areas to the rest of the world whilst safeguarding the planet for the future.


Rahul Pindoria